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Julie Delahanty

Oxfam Canada

My hope is that the W20 will help to move the G20 towards improved thinking around gender equality and women’s rights in all of its official working groups.

Laurel Douglas

Canada-Women's Enterprise Organizations of Canada

Women entrepreneurs have the potential to contribute more to the economy if they can effectively access capital, resources and access to markets and customers. The W20 process is a way to elevate this effective economic development strategy within Canada and around the world.

Julia Kulik

Canada- G20 Research Group

I am committed to monitoring the performance of the G20 in governing gender equality-related issues and believe that the G20, as an institution that strives for inclusive growth has to have an embedded gender equality policy

Farah Mohamed


This is a key forum to provide strategic and global advice to G20 Leaders on a key way to increase GDP - the economic empowerment of women is key to economic growth, social cohesion and innovation.

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