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Megan Stowe

Intel Corporation UK

I strongly believe with women making up ~50% of the world population they are underutilised and under empowered. I really would like to see how corporates and governments can help with the empowerment of women in enterprise, entrepreneurship and Education.

Linda Scott

University of Oxford, Emeritus DP World Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

I am concerned that the women’s economy does not get enough attention from world leaders. I am keen to support this effort to work directly with the G20 on behalf of better governance for women’s economics.

Ann-Maree Morrison

BAWE Scotland/Labels4Kids Ltd, Chair

I decided to accept the offer to take part as I have seen several cases over the years of women being walked over for managerial roles in traditional jobs such as chartered accounting in favour of jobs for the boys when they were just as able. I have also seen the imbalance of sexes in this area and others like consulting, government, business and experienced business networking where women have been ignored as they have "a little hobby" rather than a business.

Dr. Patricia Lewis

Chatham House, Research Director, International Security Department

Increased access for the digital economy for women

Stéphane Dubois

Chatham House, Manager Gender & Growth Initiative

Doing it for my daughter and future generations

Dr. Paola Subacchi

Chatham Hous, Research Director, International Economics Department


Dr. Elisabeth Pollitzer


Arguing on the basis of scientific evidence and multi-stakeholder consensus

Jessica Woodroffe

Gender and Development Network

This is an exciting time with many opportunities to discuss women's economic empowerment - but also a need to ensure that we tackle the structural barriers that prevent the most marginalised women from achieving equality.

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