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Digital inclusion

Closing the digital gender divide

The digital revolution is one of the greatest opportunities and yet also one of the greatest challenges for the global economy. W20 calls on the G20 to pay special attention on narrowing and removing the digital gender divide with regard to the access to, use of, or impact of information and communication technologies (ICT).

Women20 urges the G20 to:

  • Tackle gender segregation, especially in the area of STEM, by addressing it in the education system, in corporate development, and through new role models
  • Set up an action plan for women to gain equal access to ICT, providing effective digital skills training, setting targets for women and girls to study STEM, and supporting women-owned enterprises and innovation in the ICT sector
  • Strengthen the capacity of women for ICT-based entrepreneurship and employment, for example by establishing funds for female start-ups and tax incentives for businesses run by women
  • Invest in the research and development of digital tools helping to achieve a sustainable livelihood in addition to the work life balance needed for increasing the labour force participation of women and the quality of work
  • Support women’s social entrepreneurship
  • Set up gender criteria in science and development
  • Strengthen women’s economic, social and political networks




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