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Delegates & Advisors

The Women20 dialogue process is founded on the engagement of selected Women20 delegates from all G20 countries. Each year, the respective Women20 presidency appoints delegates to participate in the Women20 dialogue to promote women’s economic empowerment in the G20 process. Within the framework of the 2017 German presidency of the G20, the National Council of German Women's Organizations [Deutscher Frauenrat] and the Association of German Women Entrepreneurs [Verband Deutscher Unternehmerinnen] (VdU) were mandated by the German Chancellery with organizing the W20 dialogue process.

The Women20 2017 presidency in Germany has chosen delegates belonging to a range of women Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), women entrepreneur associations and representatives from academia to ensure diverse perspectives in achieving women’s economic empowerment.

The selection of W20 delegates is based on the previous W20 presidencies in Turkey and China. Additionally, established women's networks were consulted for delegate recommendations. The W20 delegates are appointed for the duration of the Women20 Germany presidency.

W20 also benefits from the expertise of W20 advisors from International Organizations (IOs) as well as international networks focussing on women's economic empowerment.

You can find more detailed information regarding all W20 chairs, advisors and delegates disaggregated by country here:

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