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Financial inclusion

Promoting female entrepreneurship and access to finance for women

The G20 has not yet fully acknowledged the potential of entrepreneurship as another driver of growth. Female entrepreneurship as well as women’s access to finance, including full legal capacity for all women, should therefore be promoted by improving access to credit and investor networks, training, information services and technical support.

Women20 urges the G20 to:

  • Abolish laws and standards that inhibit women’s full legal capacity
  • Ensure women’s access to financial and productive assets as well as to markets
  • launch specific programmes to support female entrepreneurs, helping them not only to overcome start-up barriers, but also to grow and sustain their businesses, including via trade
  • Increase the share of public procurement sourced to companies that meet specified gender criteria
  • Update the Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI), with a particular focus on access to finance and bank facilities for women



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