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Women20 Germany 2017

Diverse, Resilient and Viable -
Stabilising Economies and Societies Through Women's Empowerment

The main goal of Women20 (W20) is to promote women’s economic empowerment as an integral part of the G20 process. In a broad dialogue using digital tools, expert meetings and roundtables as well as the W20 Summit, W20 joins the global experiences of women’s civil society organizations and women’s entrepreneur associations to implement strong recommendations within the G20 negotiations.

Diversity and full participation are essential for fostering the resilient, sustainable and viable growth of stable economies and societies, whereas homogeneous systems bear risks and uncertainties.  Women’s economic empowerment is thus fundamental for a prosperous world and essential for economic growth, stable economies and social development.

In 2017, W20 will focus on the following four pillars:


Labour Market Inclusion
Increasing the labour market participation rate and the value of work traditionally done by women

Financial Inclusion
Promoting female entrepreneurship and access to finance for women

Digital Inclusion
Closing the digital gender divide

Strengthening the W20
Gender Equality and Women’s Economic Empowerment at the core of G20


You can find further details regarding the Women20 dialogue process following this link.



Please click here to download the Women20 Germany 2017 Communiqué.


Please click here to download the Women20 Germany 2017 Implementation Plan.




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