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Women20 at the first meeting of the German presidency of the G20

Positive feedback on W20 topics

The topics of the W20 dialogues generated great attention and response at the first G20 workshop on 12 December in Berlin.

Juliane Rosin, director of the W20 project, and Claudia Große-Leege, Managing Director of the Association of German Women Entrepreneurs (VdU), presented the focal points of this year’s W20 agenda to the international G20 negotiation committee, the so-called Sherpas: labour market participation, female company ownership, and digitalization. In their intensive questions, the committee expressed particular interest in concrete suggestions on the reduction of the payment gap, on the increase in women’s employment, and the active involvement of women and girls in the digital future. Appropriate recommendations will be developed in the W20 dialogue process, in close exchange with other dialogue groups, and will be presented to the German Chancellor Angela Merkel during the W20 summit on 26 April 2017.

Alongside the director of W20 Germany, Juliane Rosin, the President of the VdU, Stephanie Bschorr, and the deputy chairwoman of the National Council of German Women’s Organisations, Susanne Kahl-Passoth, will be giving information on the W20, its addressees, and the most important dates of this dialogue process on

15 December 2016 at 11 a.m. at the Hamburger Landesvertretung

(representative office for the state of Hamburg), Jägerstraße 1, 10117 Berlin.

Please register with Juliane Rosin.

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